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ELA Grading Practices and Standards-Based Assessment

Event Number 107-18
Date 11/08/2017
Presenters Dr. Dea Conrad-Curry and Elaine Dion
Intended Audience K-12 ELA Teachers
Location ROE #33 Office
Time 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
Fee None
Status Open
Description In the classes you teach and among the educators in your building or district, is there a shared value for a letter grade of A? Can you explain, specifically, the differences between a grade of B and a grade of C? If your grade book is comprised of point values, do those points fairly represent the priorities of teaching and learning? Grading is among the greatest responsibilities of educators. Educators must not only clearly convey learning goals and objectives, they must also report to stakeholders (administration, parents and students) the degree to which student performance demonstrates proficiency of standards-based expectations. This interactive session will engage ELA, science, and history/social studies educators in standards-based reflection and discussion. Topics will range from grading systems to best practices in designing assessments intended to measure student learning and growth in disciplinary literacy. Participants should bring several different types of assessments used in the past and/or for use in the future. Time will be provided to evaluate these assessment tools; participants will share descriptive feedback and revise instruments of assessment towards tighter standards-based alignment. 6 PD Hours
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