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"Whole Child" Educator Toolkit: Grades 5-12

Event Number 515-18 No address available. Map cannot be displayed.
Date 06/07/2018
Presenters Michele Carmichael
Intended Audience 5th - 12th Grade Educators
Location Galesburg TBD
Time 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Fee None
Status Open
Description A Toolkit is a set of tools to be used for a specific purpose. The 'Whole Child' Toolkit is a collection of materials and resources on various topics designed to increase the knowledge and understanding of social, emotional and behavioral health and development. Each topic provides research information and best practice strategies along with local, state and national resource links. In addition to the foundational toolkit, there is an Administrator Addendum which specifically addresses systemic components for the development and implementation of a safe and supportive school climate and culture. Individuals attending the face-to-face overview sessions will receive a copy of the Toolkit. Administrators participating will also receive a copy of the Administrator Addendum.
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