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Vocal and Instrumental Music Educator Workshop

Event Number 208-18
Date 02/21/2018
Presenters Illinois Music Educators Association
Intended Audience K-12 Vocal Educators & Instrumental Music Educators
Location ROE #26
Time 9:00 - 2:30
Fee $25.00
Status Open
Description escription: This workshop will be a combination of three mini-sessions: Illinois Music Learning Standards - For the first time in over 20 years, Illinois has adopted new state music standards. This session will explore the new standards, detail their difference from the National Core Arts Standards, and help participants identify what standards they are already using in their classroom. ILMEA members and staff sat on the ISBE Advisory Board to help craft these standards and are excited to share them in this session. This workshop will help enhance your current understanding and further your work with the standards and assessment. Using Technology to Assess Student Learning in the Music Classroom - Technology can offer ways to assess individuals to large groups of, allowing educators to chart growth and shape teaching. This session begins by looking at why we assess, what we should assess, and what makes an assessment authentic and valuable. Guidelines and resources for finding and implementing assessment platforms will be provided. Student-Led Music Learning - Move beyond Danielson compliance with student ownership to create experiences that don't sacrifice ensemble quality but instead lead to lasting learning. This session gives quality thought to student ownership and developing curriculum pieces that allow for student leadership, meaningful for student and program growth. Lunch will be provided.
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