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Smithsonian National Museum of American History Presents: "Let's Do History Tour" - Hands-On, In-Depth Workshop

Event Number 706-18
Date 06/08/2018
Presenters Smithsonian National Museum of American History Staff
Intended Audience ROE #26 and ROE #33 K-12 Social Studies Educators
Location Knoxville High School
Time 9:00am - 4:00pm
Fee None
Status Open
Description The Museum will share its interdisciplinary "do history" approach to teaching with a focus on everyday objects, people-centered stories and dialogue. Free materials, including flash drives with classroom materials, links to web resources, and teaching tools will be given to every participant. This hands-on workshop may include activities such as; 1. Evaluating sources of information with focus on Common Core and 21st Century Skills 2. Lesson Planning: Small group work on activity development using Smithsonian resources 3. Teaching with Drama: Teaching strategies and debate with discussion of Common Core 4. Cross-curricular connections through invention and innovation with focus on 21st Century Skills 5. Language Arts Integration (elementary) | Historical Investigations (secondary) 6. Local connections to regional stories and resources LUNCH PROVIDED
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