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Trauma-Sensitive Schools for the Adolescent Years: Promoting Resiliency and Healing, Grades 6-12 by Susan E Craig Book Study

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Date 10/22/2018 - 12/02/2018
Presenters Julia Burns
Intended Audience Secondary teachers & administrators
Location Online
Time Online
Fee $50.00
Status Open
Description Susan Craig provides secondary school teachers and administrators with practical ideas for how to improve students' achievement by implementing a trauma-sensitive approach to instruction. Along with clear explanations of the role that childhood adversity and trauma play in determining academic success, readers will find dozens of concrete strategies to help them: View poor academic and social progress through a trauma-sensitive lens. Create a school climate that fosters safety and resiliency in vulnerable teenagers. Establish relationships with students that support their efforts to self-regulate. Design instruction that reflects the social nature of the brain. Work with the brain's neuroplasticity to increase adolescents' executive function. Reduce teacher attrition in high-risk schools by decreasing secondary traumatic stress. Influence educational reforms by aligning them with current research on childhood trauma and its effects on learning.( Note book is not included with registration fee.)
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