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Accelerated Placement Program

Event Number 707-19
Date 11/06/2018
Presenters Julia Burns
Intended Audience Administrators
Location Regional Office of Education #33
Time 8:30 - 11:30
Fee $35.00
Status Open
Description As of July 1, 2018, all schools in Illinois were required to have a policy and procedure for implementing accelerated placement of students within their districts. During this three-hour workshop, participants will learn what the law says, what board policy should say to be in compliance with the law, and how to implement a process for accelerating students. Participants will walk away with the following items: Sample copy of acceleration referral form that will be used for their school Sample copy of administrative response to a referral request that meets legislative requirements of acceleration act Outline of evaluation process for their school Sample copy of support plan that will be used for students who are accelerated Sample copy of communication decision to deny request of acceleration to parent/guardian that includes information on the appeal process
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