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Book Study - Rebound: A Playbook for Rebuilding Agency, Accelerating Learning Recovery, and Rethinking Schools

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Dates09/23/2021     3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
11/18/2021     3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
01/13/2022     3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Presenters Stephanie Harrison & Casey Veitch
Intended Audience Any educators/administrators in grades K-12 ***ROE 33 Principals will be completing an AA using Leading the Rebound as part of their ROE Principal Meetings throughout the 21-22 school year, but they are still welcome to join this book study as well.
Location Online
Fee $50.00
PD Hours 12
Status Open
Description In the spring of 2020, educators around the world were called on to alter the way they designed learning experiences for students. This period has been challenging - and while the word rebound may bring to mind sports connections, at its core, it means increasing in value or strength after a period of struggle. In their new book, Rebound, Grades K-12: A Playbook for Rebuilding Agency, Accelerating Learning Recovery, and Rethinking Schools, Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, Dominique Smith, and John Hattie provide educators and leaders with ready-to-use tools to accelerate learning and re-energize student and teacher agency. During this book study, we will collectively name, notice, and process our experiences as educators and leaders since the start of the pandemic; determine which impactful virtual learning practices we are going to carry forward and use to build learning momentum; and use this text to redefine classrooms, learning experiences, and how our systems operate so we can ensure students reclaim agency, build skills, and accelerate learning. Zoom Meetings: 9/23/21, 11/18/21, & 1/13/22
* Asynchronous work in between using Canvas
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