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AA 1451: Teacher Evaluator Competency Skill Building for Teacher Evaluators (Retraining)

Event Number 402-22
Date12/08/2021     8:30 AM - 3:45 PM
Presenters Patrick Durley
Intended Audience Anyone who evaluates teachers and needs 1 of the 4 Professional Practice Courses
Location Galesburg Community Foundation, 246 E. Main St , Galesburg, IL 61401
Fee $225.00
PD Hours AA/PD
Status Open
Description This course focuses on Domains 1 & 4 of the Danielson 2013 Framework.
Administrators who evaluate teachers must demonstrate a high rate of inter-rater reliability & communicate evaluation outcomes in constructive/supportive ways.
They must also recognize & control for bias when conducting evaluations/determining results.
Participants will record data from a pre-conference, align data to the Danielson Framework (Domain 1), collaboratively determine ratings, observe post-conferences, evaluate teacher evidence, & align to the Danielson Framework (Domain 4).
Emphasis is placed on meaningful pre/post conferences with teachers that ultimately results in improved instruction/practices.
Participants are also expected to demonstrate a high degree of inter-rater reliability as they determine a final rating based on the evidence gathered for Domains 1 & 4.
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