CPI Classroom Culture Training (PRIVATE EVENT)

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  • Date
    10/07/2022     1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Presenters
    Kate Mallory
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  • Location
    Rushville-Industry Hiogh School, 730 N. Congress St, Rushville, IL 62681
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    Registration Closed

CPI Classroom Culture training will help you develop a behavior and response plan to build, protect, and actively improve relationships with students, regardless of their individual needs. A plan that is fair, respectful, and predictable for when students do not behave appropriately, striving for respectful compliance rather than forced compliance.
Learn how to analyze stereotypes, assumptions, and expectations that influence your student relationships and responses to student behavior. Apply skills to build and sustain a positive classroom culture and learning environment.
Implement strategies to earn emotional currency, build and earn the trust of students, and/or create a safe space for them in which they know what to expect.
Reflect on how adult behavior and expectations impact student behavior, how students learn acceptable behavior from adults, and how adult self-awareness and role modeling affect student behavior.
Create clear and consistent procedures, rules, and routines for improving your own students' behavior; a repertoire of elements of consistent practice for you to follow (such as language, response, follow up, and consequences).
Develop habits that allow you to respond calmly and consistently to student behaviors that elicit negative emotional responses in you, such as exercising emotional control and recognizing and disguising your negative emotions.
Establish techniques that support a cycle of reinforcing appropriate behavior positively.
Develop approaches for intervening with a student's negative behavior that allow all parties to leave the conversation with their dignity intact.