Whatever It Takes Conference

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  • Date
    06/15/2023     8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Presenters
    Hal Bowman (Teach Like a Rock Star) - Keynote & Various Breakout Presenters
  • Intended Audience
    Educators (including Paraprofessionals, Substitutes, Support Staff) and Administrators / Early Childhood through HS
  • Location
    Galesburg High School, 1135 W. Fremont, Galesburg, IL 61401
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    Registration Closed

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CONFERENCE FOCUS: Why Is Student Engagement Important?
Student engagement can be seen as the glue that holds together all aspects of student learning and growth. Not only does student engagement make teaching itself more fun, engaging, and rewarding, but it has been shown to have critical impacts on students. When students display high levels of behavioral, emotional, and cognitive engagement, they are more likely to excel academically, form a stronger sense of connection with their school, and have a more positive sense of social-emotional well-being (Dr. Essie Sutton, Branching Minds Article). https://www.branchingminds.com/blog/student-engagement-remote-in-person

Attendees can expect to dive deeper into the following areas:
- Early Childhood
- Instructional Technology
- Student Engagement for K-5
- Student Engagement for 6-8
- Student Engagement for 9-12
- Assessment for Learning
- Classroom Culture and Climate/ Environment
- Restorative Practices
- School-wide SEL Practices

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Hal Bowman's Teach Like A Rock Star is a research-based, results-driven professional development event that provides educators with the most powerful tools, strategies, and resources available for creating an extraordinary learning environment – one where teachers have a profound educational and personal impact on the lives of students. This empowering, engaging, and entertaining workshop helps teachers discover the keys that drive all students to perform at their very highest levels.

- Raise test scores throughout diverse populations.
- Discover the underlying motivation of each individual student.
- Transition from classroom management to Classroom Leadership.
- Build strong connections with ALL students.
- Create student enthusiasm through unique & innovative teaching strategies.
- Positively influence a student's thoughts, emotions, actions, and character.
- Uncover The Rock Star Teacher that lies within.