Discover Kagan (* For Administrators * See Target Audience *)

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    03/30/2023     8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Presenters
    Vern Minor, Director of Educational Leadership (Kagan Professional Development)
  • Intended Audience
    *Administrators* (Admins may bring people (coaches, lead teachers, etc.) WITH them, but they CANNOT send people in their place!
  • Location
    Knox County Farm Bureau , 180 S. Soangetaha Rd., Galesburg, IL 61401
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Vague definitions of "student engagement" create confusion and contribute to the achievement gap. Have you created a common definition of "student engagement" in your district? Are all leaders looking at engagement through the same set of eyes? Do your instructional practices ensure ALL students are active with academic content? Kagan has the answer! It is possible to structure engagement so that every learner is active. If you want to narrow achievement gaps you cannot engage a FEW students or SOME students; you must engage ALL. Structured interaction is the key. During this interactive session, Kagan will demonstrate how engagement for ALL can become a reality in your district.

• Explore the research on student engagement.
• Reflect on the critical importance of instruction in closing gaps.
• Experience how to make all learners active in the classroom.
• Analyze teacher videos for levels of student engagement.
• Discover how to identify faulty engagement strategies.
• Create a common understanding of effective student engagement.