* PRIVATE EVENT * #203-24 Dallas City Elementary Data Analysis and PBIS

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    Tina Stier
  • Intended Audience
    Dallas City Elementary personnel
  • Location
    Dallas City Elementary School, 921 Creamery Hill Rd, Dallas City, IL 62330
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    Registration Closed

The Professional Development Consortium for ROE #26 & #33 will provide a Consultant to work with Dallas City Elementary School, Dallas City, Illinois. The consultant will be in the district on four (4) half days and one (1) full day throughout the school year and will provide workshops to analyze data. This interactive session will give participants an overview of the data analysis for Continuous School Improvement that can lead their school to understand what needs to change in order to get different results. They will look at why data is important, what data is important, and how to analyze it. The consultant will also provide a workshop on PBIS and help the staff implement this throughout the school year.