* PRIVATE EVENT * Regulation Before Expectation: Learning Strategies Through a Brain-Based Lens (SPARKS)

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    09/21/2023     1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Presenters
    Kate Mallory
  • Intended Audience
    SPARKS program staff
  • Location
    Ingersoll Middle School, 1605 E. Ash St., Canton, IL 61520
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    Registration Closed

Students must feel safe and valued in order to learn - this training session is an opportunity to learn some brain-based techniques to help all students thrive!

The Neurosequential Model in Education (NME) was developed for educators by educators who received training from Dr. Bruce Perry. NME is not a new model of education; it is a set of core concepts meant to inform practice rather than define it. When educators are better informed about brain development and the effects of trauma, they will become the best creators of effective classroom interventions that will aid healing, learning, and intellectual adventure.

Dr. Perry has identified the basics of brain development educators should know. Core content includes:
- The sequential development of the brain
- The way stress affects the brain
- Why students act out or check out

The implementation of rhythmic and relational interventions can help turn our most challenging kids around, beginning a steady process of healing that requires the efforts of the whole school staff.

Training Objectives:
- NME Sequence of Engagement
- Know the Stage and Recognize the State
- To integrate both regulating and relational activities in school to help students reach their reasoning in order to learn and retain