Math Practices Extended Response (Grades 3-8)

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  • Date
    09/13/2024     9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Presenters
    Cathleen Weber, Education Lane, LLC
  • Intended Audience
    3rd - 8th Grade Math Educators, Interventionists, & Curriculum Specialists
  • Location
    ROE 33 PD Room, 932 Harrison St., Galesburg, IL 61401
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The Mathematical Practice Extended Response presentation provides educators with a robust set of resources aligned to ensuring student exposure to the 8 Mathematical Practices and developing extended responses. Vocabulary development, classroom math expectations, and robust learning opportunities set the stage for enhanced learning. IAR Test Prep materials will be shared for enhancing student knowledge of the testing platform. Educators will leave the session with resources that can be implemented the next day in their classroom. Students must become familiar with the IAR platform. Activities will be presented to ensure familiarity and mastery of the skills needed to show mastery on the assessment.

Topics to be addressed:
- Universal Expectations
- Building Equity
- 8 Mathematical Practices
- Instructional Strategies
- Assessment Skills
- Checklist of Goals/Objectives
- Online Resources