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Instructional Coaching Cohort

Event Number 300-19
Date 11/07/2018 - 03/08/2019
Presenters Amanda Brueggeman, Julia Burns
Intended Audience Instructional Coaches
Location Regional Office of Education #33
Time 12:30 - 3:30
Fee $350.00
Status Open
Description During this cohort, instructional coaches will dig deeper into the day-to-day practices for Student-Centered Coaching. By now coaches have had some time to implement the core practices and will benefit from revisiting how they can better employ the core practices in their own schools. Challenges such as developing a culture for coaching and encouraging teacher participation will also be addressed. Outcomes: Understand how school culture impacts the coaching program, and develop strategies to address challenges related to school culture Practice setting goals that are student-centered, driven by the teacher, and measurable Learn how to navigate the nuances that are common to coaching Unpack challenges that coaches are facing in their day-to-day work with teachers Learn how to provide strengths-based feedback to teachers
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