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Counselor Academy

Event Number 901-19
Date 12/04/2018
Presenters Dave Messersmith, Ashlee Spannagel, and Kaleb Smith
Intended Audience Guidance Counselors throughout the Delabar, Western Area, and West Central Education for Employment (EFE) Systems.
Location Regional Office of Education
Time 8:30 - 3:30
Fee None
Status Open
Description The training sessions will consist of several topics of interest to provide area guidance counselors with necessary tools, resources, and information to guide high school students to college and career readiness. An employer panel will be convened to expose guidance counselors to the skills necessary for their students to possess to successfully enter the workforce; the current challenges being faced by local industry partners regarding the incumbent workforce; and how counselors and industry partners can work collaboratively to address struggles being faced by both entities. One session will explore the tool, MyCAERT, and how that tool along with other career exploration tools, can be integrated within existing curriculum to increase the exposure to college and career options for students. A counselor round-table will be facilitated by the presenters to discuss the current hot topics and/or challenges being faced by public schools and high school guidance counselors and the solutions being implemented by the respective schools.
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