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Counselor Academy: Career Pathways to Opportunity

Event Number 904-19
Date 04/24/2019
Presenters Ashlee Spannagel
Intended Audience Junior High and High School Counselors throughout the Delabar CTE System
Location Carl Sandburg College Building E Rm E241
Time 8:30 - 2:00
Fee None
Status Open
Description Participants will experience a panel discussion of the various labor trade unions in our local area. Participants will learn the various unions that exist, the career opportunities that exist within each union, and the requirements each union have in place for employees. Additionally, an employer and educational panel for both the manufacturing and healthcare sectors will be convened to discuss the labor market demands in our region, expectations of employees by the various employers, the opportunities that exist for students, and the skills necessary for students to be successful in the respective industries. A working lunch will be included in the day's professional development activity as counselors will have an opportunity to interact with various representatives from the manufacturing industry.
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