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Teaching with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Event Number 107-19
Date 06/06/2019
Presenters WIU GIS Faculty
Intended Audience Any teacher who wants to understand how social and natural science subjects have geographic aspects which should not be ignored, and who want to learn the latest software technology for using map-based data to deepen understanding and solve problems.
Location WIU EAGIS Depatment, Tillman Hall Rm 307
Time 9:00 - 2:00
Fee $35.00
Status Open
Description Geographic information systems software is now widely used by government agencies and private organizations (both for-profit and not-for-profit) to understand operational and strategic problems they face, and to make decisions to solve those problems. Educational institutions, from kindergarten to high school, are now teaching students geographic ways to see the wrold, and to develop deeper understandings of natural and social issues. These deeper understandings better prepare the next generation to create innovative solutions to local and regional problems. In this workshop, GIS faculty members will introduce participant teachers to geographic information ideas and software, and guide them in how to use the technologies to teach a range of subjects including Geography, History, Civics, and Social Studies. In a plenary session, we will show why GIS is relevant in the classroom, and follow up with hands-on sessions to show participants how to deploy GIS in the classroom.
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