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Bringing Play to Life

Event Number 722-19
Date 06/13/2019
Presenters Melissa Davidson
Intended Audience Kindergarten Teachers, Paraprofessional, Administration
Location Lake Storey Pavilion
Time 9:00 - 3:00
Fee None
Status Open
Description Melissa Davidson is a kindergarten teacher who implements a play-based curriculum every day in her classroom. Come and see how she has ditched the worksheets in her classroom and provides hands on activities that meet state standards. Research shows that hands-on learning increases problem solving skills, fosters critical thinking, and provides an authentic understanding of the information students are learning. Melissa will share simple ways to transform your classroom into a play-based classroom that won't break the bank. Be prepared to leave with a wealth of knowledge on how to incorporate hands-on learning in the classroom, how to document and monitor student growth, and how to set up a classroom that fosters learning for students at all levels.
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