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Placed-Based Education Workshop

Event Number 902-20
Date 03/17/2020
Presenters Monmouth College Department of Educational Studies
Intended Audience all educators
Location Monmouth College, Morgan Room
Time 8:30 - 3:30
Fee None
CPDU Credits 6
Status Open
Description This one-day workshop will introduce teachers to place-based education and its use within the curriculum to support student engagement and high-level learning. It will be led by Monmouth College Educational Studies faculty, in partnership with Teton Science Schools, a non-profit educational organization and leader in place-based education for 60 years. The workshop will center on connecting place and community to learning through the implementation of six core principles, including inquiry-based learning, design thinking, using the community as a classroom, and learner-centered practices. Teachers will engage in collaborative discussions and hands-on experiences to reflect on their teaching practices, plan for future instruction, and develop their professional learning communities. Teachers will also identify local community experts and networks that can support student learning projects and tie into planned units and lessons. A follow-up webinar in 6-8 weeks, as well as Monmouth College faculty contacts, will be offered to teachers to support their implementation of the framework in their classrooms. Register by visiting: tinyurl.com/PBEWorkshop2020 .
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