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AA #1801 Teacher Conferencing Strategies & Gathering Evidence

Event Number 409-21 No address available. Map cannot be displayed.
Date 04/12/2021
Presenters Patrick Durley
Intended Audience This Academy is ISBE approved to count as fulfilling the Teacher Evaluation Professional Practice refresher requirement for those that need it in their current cycle. It is also open to all for Academy or PD credit, even if you do not need it for a teacher evaluation refresher.
Location Online - Zoom
Time 8:30 - 3:30
Fee $200.00
PD Hours
Status Open
Description This course will allow participants to learn effective skills and strategies for using Charlotte Danielson's Instructional Framework in an evaluation setting in order to more effectively: Identify evidence at the component level during formal and informal observations; Use evidence, with minimal bias, to effectively rate staff on the levels of performance for each component in domains 2 and 3; Increase inter-rater reliability in all phases of the evaluation process; Acquire strategies to support effective collaborative conferencing around formal and informal observations; and Learn techniques, strategies, and protocols to use when conferencing with staff to promote improvement in instructional practice.
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